Come Grow With Us

At the Church of Champions, we believe that Life was not meant to be lived alone and because of that fact we urge everyone to BELONG to something greater than themselves. The first step to BELONG in the Champion Community is to join our Growth Track. This class helps you understand what it means to become a Champion and is held multiple times per year.

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CHAMP Kids is all about KIDS!  The Champ Kids team is purposefully engaging and changing kids’ lives every week with fun and engaging Bible lessons.

210 Student Ministry

Students find their home at 210 student ministries.  The 210 staff is all about student engagement and involvement and furthering their relationship with Christ.

The Culture

Young adults are the pulse of the Champion Community. The Culture team is all about engaging the young adults of the Champion Community to dive deeper into God’s word thus falling deeper in a relationship with God.

Grief Share

Grief share is a ministry that specializes in helping people though the tough journey that is called Grief.


Emmaus is a community of broken people held together by an unbreakable God.  The Emmaus Community is a vast international community that is all about seeing people restored and renewed through Christ and Community. 

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Special Needs Ministry

Church of Champions hosts one of NW Houston’s largest Special Needs ministries. They worship with us on Sunday’s @10:37am, as well as enjoy other monthly events. You can contact the office at 281-580-8674 for more information.

One Day Seminary

One Day Seminary is an intense Bible training that are for Champions that are longing to dive deeper into God’s Word.  We study the original Greek and Hebrew translations of the Bible and begin to see God’s Word in a whole new way.

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