Pearls Program - Summer Bible Memorization Challenge

Welcome to the Pearls Program by ChampKids Children’s Ministry!

The Pearls Program is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of children by helping them Know God, Understand His Word, and Develop a True Relationship with Him. Our mission is to provide engaging, foundational Bible lessons that equip children with the knowledge and tools to navigate their faith journey confidently and joyfully. Through interactive learning, scripture memorization, and community involvement, we aim to instill in each child a deep, enduring love for Jesus Christ and a commitment to live according to His teachings.

Together, we strive to lay a solid foundation of faith that will sustain our children throughout their lives,
empowering them to be steadfast disciples and shining examples of God’s love in the world.

Why Bible Memorization Matters?

Did you know that approximately 64% of children who grew up in church walk away from their faith after high school? This heartbreaking statistic highlights the urgent need to build a strong spiritual foundation from an early age. The Pearls Program aims to equip children with the knowledge and tools to develop a lifelong connection with God and confidently navigate their spiritual journey and remain steadfast in their beliefs.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of faith with your children this summer?

Introducing Level 1 of Pearls Program – Faith Foundations — a 10-week Bible memorization semester designed for kids ages 4 through 12. Level 1, Faith Foundations will guide children through essential lessons that go beyond familiar Bible stories. Each week, kids will engage in interactive activities and discussions that teach them the essentials and foundations of our faith, including:

  • The Lord’s Prayer: Understanding the importance and meaning of this foundational prayer.
  • The Identity of God: Learning that there is Only One God and His name is Jesus.
  • The 12 Apostles: Learning about the lives and teachings of Jesus’ closest followers.
  • Plan of Salvation: Discovering God’s plan for redemption and eternal life.
  • Fruits of the Spirit: Recognizing and developing the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
  • The Shepherd’s Prayer: Exploring Psalm 23 and learning about God’s guidance and care.
  • The Commandments: Knowing and understanding God’s commandments.
  • The Beatitudes: Embracing the teachings of Jesus on how to live a blessed life.
  • The Great Commission: Understanding the mission to spread the gospel.
  • Books of the Bible: Memorizing and understanding the structure of the Bible.

Weekly Lesson Overview

Each week, your child will be introduced to a new topic through:

  • Bible Verse: A key verse that anchors the week’s lesson.
  • Story: A relatable Bible story illustrating the week’s theme.
  • Devotional: A short, reflective devotional to deepen understanding.
  • Memory Verse Challenge: Kids are encouraged to memorize the verse of the week.

Interactive Badge Reward System

To make learning FUN and ENGAGING, we’ve introduced a badge system similar to Boy Scouts, but for Bible memorization:

  • Weekly Achievement Badge: Children record themselves reciting the memory verse and post the video online on Facebook or Instagram with the help of their parents to earn a badge each week.
  • Disciple Badge: Children can help their friend memorize the verse of the week to earn a badge Disciple badge.
  • Evangelist Badge: Children will earn Evangelist badge when they invite a friend to church.

These lessons are meant to help activate the powers of the true and living God in the lives of your students like (in some in a way they have never experienced before). Believe that He is able to work with your students—not just in class, but all week long—and you will find that your seeds of faith will be sown. With Pearls Program, Faith Foundations, you can begin the process of growing your students into the spiritually strong people God wants them to be.

Wall of Fame & Excellence

Our Wall of Fame & Excellence is a special feature of the Pearls Program designed to CELEBRATE and ENCOURAGE our young participants. Each week, we will update the Wall to showcase the top badge-earning kids, recognizing their dedication, hard work, and achievements. This not only motivates the children to engage deeply with their faith but also instills a sense of accomplishment and pride. By highlighting their progress, we aim to inspire all participants to strive for excellence in their spiritual journey and to see the tangible rewards of their commitment to learning and living God’s word.

Register Your child below and let's guide them to grow spiritually strong, learning to rely on God's Word and Presence in their lives.

Challenge Rules:

1) Every Monday you will receive a video with Memory Verse and Devotional for kids to watch and learn.
2) You will be asked to help your child memorize 1 Bible Verse a week for 10 weeks.
3) Weekly Badge Earning

Every week between Tuesday to Friday you will need to record your child reciting the verse and post it on Facebook along with these 4 hashtags:

For more information call or text us at 281.771.8571.

Let’s make this summer a season of spiritual growth and discovery for our kids!

Yours in Christ’s Abundant Love and Power,

The Church of Champions Family