Dream Team & Connect Group Host and Helper Tools & Assets

Dear COC Family,

We have prepared this page with available assets and tools for you to share Word of God and bring more people to Jesus. Thank you for saying “yes” to God and answering the call to Spread the Gospel.
Let’s come together in unity as a community and utilize these valuable assets to share our Content, invite others to join us in church, and promote our connect groups.

Our ultimate goal is to bring people closer to Jesus. Remember, all it takes is a simple invitation. All we need to do  is invite and bring people to church, God will do the rest.
Let’s seize this opportunity and be catalysts for spiritual growth and transformation.

Please keep coming back and check this page regularly as we will be adding more graphic assets and text copy as we go.

Connect Groups Description Text Copy



ChampKids Connect Group (prek-6th grade)
Bring your children every Wednesday at Church Of Champions for fun time. This semester kids will have the opportunity to explore and learn about God in a fun and engaging environment. Here, kids will discover their unique talents and gifts, and that they have been made by God for a special purpose. With memorable Bible-learning activities, catchy songs, teamwork-building games, yummy treats, exciting Bible adventures, and fun Science activities, kids will have a blast while learning about God and His love for them. Our Bible Memory Buddies will help them remember the lessons they’ve learned, and through God Sightings, kids will learn to see evidence of God in the world around them. Join us every Wednesday for a fun-filled finale where everyone can put into practice what they’ve learned.
Meets Wednesdays | On-Campus | 7:00 pm
Church of Champions
12922 Cutten Rd, Houston, TX 77066

Coming Soon
Meets Wednesdays | On-Campus | 7:00 pm
Church of Champions
12922 Cutten Rd, Houston, TX 77066


The Chosen Connect Group
Join our connect group as we delve into the life of Jesus through the powerful and insightful TV show “Chosen”. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your faith and gain a fresh perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or just starting on your spiritual journey, you’re sure to find this experience enriching and uplifting. So gather your friends and family, and join us every Friday night for this life-changing experience. Bring pillows, popcorn, snacks, candies, make yourself comfortable.
Meets Saturdays| Off-Campus | 6:00pm

Connect Group Graphic Assets

Cover Designs with Transparent Background

Once you download these Graphic Assets below, you can add these covers on top of any picture of your group.