Join Us in Celebrating 35 Glorious Years: Pastoral and Church Anniversary of Church of Champions

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Believers,

This coming month of August holds a momentous significance in the history of the Church of Champions, as we stand with hearts overflowing with gratitude to celebrate our 35th Pastoral and Church Anniversary. On August 28th, 1988, under the divine guidance of Pastor Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II, the Church of Champions was founded—a sanctuary built upon the unwavering pillars of faith and devotion to the glory of His Name.

Throughout these remarkable 35 years, we have been privileged to witness the anointed leadership and stewardship of our beloved Pastor Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II and our cherished First Lady Ann Hutchins. Rooted in biblical principles and ignited by the power of Holy Spirit, they have been the guiding light of our congregation, leading us on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation.

With dedication, Pastor Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II  has stood as a watchman for our souls, fearlessly proclaiming the Word of God with fervor and conviction. Following the example of the apostles of old, he has led countless souls to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and lives.

Beside him, First Lady Ann Hutchins personifies the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. Her gentleness, compassion, and devotion to the Lord have touched the lives of many, providing a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and transformation.

As we reflect on the footsteps of the early church leaders, we are grateful for the diligent stewardship of Pastor Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II and First Lady Ann. Their spiritual insight, prayerful guidance, and anointing have paved the way for abundant spiritual fruit in our ministries.


Throughout these years, the Church of Champions has been a community of dreamers and visionaries, striving to be a “new creation” church, demonstrating God’s power to the world. We celebrate countless ministries that have blossomed within our congregation, each dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God.

Throughout our journey, we have striven to cultivate an ethos of agape love and shared growth through our disciple-making efforts. Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II and Church of Champions has been the nurturing ground for various ventures that have significantly impacted lives and communities. Some of these ventures include Helping Hands of Champions, Inc., Church Synergy Systems, Inc., Urban Outreach Initiative, Metro Evangelism Architecture, WordNet Media Group, Inc., Christian Freedom Foundation, Purpose Group, Save America’s Churches, Inc., Emmaus & Beyond; You Choose Your Ride, Positive Adult Living, One Day Seminary, Heritage Preparatory School, and Optimal Family Care Clinics.

Moreover, we take immense pride in having mothered and supported faith communities outside our campus, such as the Cambodian New Life Church, the Chinese Pentecostal Church of Houston, and numerous Spanish-speaking church congregations. Our commitment to serving and aiding ministry families has been unwavering, providing healing, deliverance, and protection from the challenges they face.

Join Us as we Celebrate and Honor Our Pastor and First Lady

With hearts full of gratitude, we cordially invite all of you to join us on Sunday, August 20th, 2023, at 10 AM, for a Special 35 Years Pastoral & Church Anniversary Celebration. Together, we will honor and celebrate the exemplary leadership and anointing of Pastor Dr. Wendell E. Hutchins II and First Lady Ann Hutchins. This celebration will be followed by a Potluck Lunch Buffet, where we can share memories, testimonies, fellowship, and celebrate God’s faithfulness.

To all who have been part of our church family, past and present, and to those who have supported us from afar, we extend a warm invitation to come and rejoice in God’s goodness. Let us gather in unity and thanksgiving, celebrating the past, embracing the present, and stepping boldly into the future.

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We eagerly await your presence at the Church of Champions on August 20th, at 10 AM, as we magnify the Name of our Lord and Savior together.

Yours in Christ’s Abundant Love and Power,

The Church of Champions Family